We are Development & Consulting Company.
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We’re development & consulting corp based in New Jersey

Magtech is a service-based IT Company which has unique strategies to provide software products and services to successfully develop the organizations.
Magtech offers services and development solutions in latest technologies to the clients across the United States. The technologies we serve to our clients are AWS, DevOps, Data Science, Hadoop, Java, .NET, RPA, Salesforce, and Workday.


World class Training  mi, for Software Engineer Trainee's.


We provide solutions for Web app, Mobile App utilizing Enterprise cloud solutions and Machine Learning models.


We provide Design and Front end development for various platforms in various languages.


We enrich High Grade Software applications with the cloud and AI integrations and provide budget efficient solutions for clients.

Magtech provides services to clients within various industries such as, Information Technology Companies, Healthcare, Industrial Automation, Banking and Manufacturing to plan, design, implement, develop and manage their systems.

Development, QA and Operations

DevOps (Development and Operations) Git, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, Maven, chef, Puppet, Terraform, Python

Cloud Applications

Azure, AWS, IBM, Google, Salesforce, Workday.


Big Data, Hadoop, Business Intelligence

AI & automation

Data science, RPA, Salesforce Einstein


Java, .Net Training: We train our employees on the latest technologies and new release updates on their respective fields. It helps them to be up to date on the latest updates so they can jump in the projects if there is any necessity of upgrading. (Note: The content about training is also a draft, please feel free to write it down)


We deliver clients production goals on time and automate the process so no dependencies on both sides.

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